Dario Cueto was the owner and proprietor of "Lucha Underground." When he was younger, he craved violence and vowed if he ever got the chance, he’d open up a fight league to pit the world’s best fighters against each other. His crowning achievement resides in his “temple” in Boyle Heights. With seemingly endless amounts of money, Cueto has brought the best to his arena to watch them all tear each other apart. Cueto’s bloodlust has given him the best seat in the house with his office mere feet from the ring. Maybe too slick for his own good, he swaggers around his arena wearing his trademark key and we can only imagine his next move.

At the end of Ultima Lucha Tres Dario is seemingly shot to death, but not before using his finals moments to make a call to someone unknown.

In the Season 4 Premiere a funeral is held for Dario Cueto while his father Antonio Cueto takes over as the new owner & proprietor of Lucha Underground as presented by Agent Winter (Dario’s killer) Antonio says his son Dario was always the. Weak one.

A 10 bell salute is about to be rung but is interrupted by Antonio as he announces himself as the new owner. It is also revealed by Agent Winter that Antoio Cueto was the one who ordered the hit on his son Dario.
Dario Cueto
Dario Cueto
Title Owner
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Relative(s) Mantanza Cueto ( Brother) Antonio Cueto (Father)
Alignment Unknown
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